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Wako: 'I will sue!'

A smiling Amos shitswilla Wako walked into the press conference yesterday but beneath the toothy grin the AG was braced for a fight with none other than the worlds only superpower.
The AG had called the press after being informed that his visa had been revoked for impeding the reform process.
As he extolled himself, and his record of reforms and defended himself I could not help but think of just what he'd accomplished in his 18 year tenure as the countries chief legal advisor: Several cases- both in the Moi and Kibaki administrations- remain unsolved, they include: Goldenberg and the Anglo- Leasing scam.
With such a track record- of consistently failing to bring the participants of corruption to book- surely such vehement protestation was uncalled for.
Mr. Wako's admission confirmed what was already known or at least suspected by many.
The ban states that the AG can not set foot on U.S soil either for business or pleasure and this means that he can't visit the UN headqu…

Of Ng'an'galito and his talent search

Ati what? Ng'anga, a talent scout.... lord help us all! This news reminds me of the just concluded TPF3 and judge Ian Mbugwa's never ending cynicism and frustration at some truly cringe worthy auditions. And the fact that the man himself-Ng'anga- was on probation a total of six times, much more than any other contestant on all previous seasons.How did he make it to the finale? I'm still bamboozled!
Ian and other seemingly harsh judges like him brings me to the question: who on earth will judge the contestants? Surely not Ng'an'galito himself!
And people, the man is Kenyan why the Spanish add on? Where did that one come from? Unfortunately or fortunately it seems to have stuck to him like glue.
Another thing, I've just realised how the format of the up-coming show is a copy-paste of America's got talent which concluded last night on NTV with Bianca Ryan walking away with the million dollars - which I must say was well deserved.
Can we please come up with…

Of chrystal balls and the 2010 world cup

You may ask what chrystal balls have to do with with the 2010 world cup... well nothing on the face of it, unless you're me that is...
Let's imagine or pretend to be exact- because what I am about to say may be quite outlandish, given the fact that I'll never be a fortune teller or handle a chrystal ball-that i am a fortune teller and that i can see into the coming year with the most vivid clarity.
Now, I'm gently rubbing the ball or waving my hands above it or doing whatever fortune tellers do to receive their pictures... I see Kenyans, lots of them , each with a small establishment of some kind making an absolute killing off of the 2010 world cup. Which to those of you who don't know or who are for some reason out of the proverbial loop comes 'home' to the southern most part of Africa form the 11 June-11 July.
This is normally a very special time for all football fans but this year is just that much more special simply because it's closer to home.
For t…

Mr. Wetangula and the travel bans

AS i sit here sniveling,sneezing and waging all out war against a rapidly approaching cold I'm thinking of Moses Wetangula and his own battle-of words- with the Americans and in particular Mr. Ranneberger- the American ambassador to Kenya.
Mr. Wetangula has been quite vocal over the past few weeks over the travel bans issued by those in the land of the free. I think doth protest too much sir. Mr. Ranneberger is only 'the messenger'. Do not 'shoot' him for doing his job.
When I think about this rationally and without bias i come to the conclusion that the bans were enforced with the best of intentions. They were made out of tough love for us - because no other method seems to be working- from a 'son of the soil' and should not be taken as a sign of our inability in any way. It should be seen as a swift kick in our collective rump and an awakening to return to the path of swift reforms.
I do not think the travel bans will work long term but the sentiment behind …

all about the Kenyan idiot

Okey let me be totally honest about my motives for starting down this path. I have always been better with a pen in my hand.

I begin this voyage into my mind with you out of the sheer frustration with the local papers for not publuishing my oppinions in their pages! I chose the name KenyanIdiot for two reasons: 1.To poke fun of politicians / people & the situations around me and 2. and most important as a refrence to myself as just an ordinary person with something to say: I am the Idiot.

The tittle came from a conversation with my sister about the crazy world of politics in this country. You see like many avarage people we like to talk about our politics, politicians and their latest shinanigans, but make no mistake this blog won't be just political!