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Not reading from the same script

It was another normal, lazy Sunday afternoon and I was casually channel surfing and thoroughly board when I passed by some breaking news that said that Sam Ongeri and William Ruto had been suspended for three months. This was due to the fact that the two had been implicated in the Free Primary Education and Maize scams respecively. My first thought was to cheer at the fact that finally the government were keeping to their word of being firm on corruption suspects and that maybe just maybe the investigations that were to be held in their absence would yield some fruit in the struggle against corruption. I was happiest that for once words were not just words.
A few hours later my elation and hope were dashed and I was brought firmly back to earth when president made the statement nullifying Mr Odingas suspension of the two ministers on the grounds 'that they are unconstitutional.'
This came hot on the heel of an announcement by the president on Saturday that eight public offici…