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Dawn Of The Digital Government.

Tuesday the 9th was a good day for many reasons not least of which was that it was declared a public holiday to coincide with the new presidents inauguration which was an all day affair that began with local musicians entertaining the thousands at kasarani and the millions who watched the momentous and historic proceedings from the comfort of their homes.

Things really got going when the registrar stepped up to the side of the podium and asked the president-elect Uhuru Kenyatta to come forward, place his hand on the bible which would be held by his wife-and first lady Margaret at his request and while holding yet another bible with the other he took two oaths. This was then repeated by the Deputy President-elect and his wife Rachel. Next came the signing of their certifications and the pictures. At some point the outgoing president Kibaki- whose off the cuff speeches will truly be missed-handed his successor both the constitution and a very menacing looking sword that all would do well…