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More reasons to be worried.

It no longer comes as too much of a shock to Kenyans when we seen live and in Technicolor that our men in blue- those that are supposed to be securing our roads and keeping us safe- accepting bribes from matatu and lorry drivers whose vehicles they should be thoroughly scrutinizing with fine tooth combs, checking and rechecking for bombs, grenades, guns and other harmful weapons and more recently parts with which to make explosives.

But instead of looking out for the people they seem to be skimming the cream off the milk and keeping it for themselves and thus possibly endangering thousands of lives across the nation.

This is not the only safety concern we have to worry about because those with ill intent do not just lie around and do naught, they like any others who make a living do their research, learning and thinking on their feet; those in wajir have now wised up to the idea that graves are not only for the dead but that they would make near perfect hiding places for bomb parts and…