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On Again Off Again... (The Mad Dash To Marriage)

It is now most definitely ON again! This would have been the fluctuating state of Uhuru and Ruto’s relationship statuses. Over the last two weeks the country sat riveted- or at least I did- has sat impatient and eager to see what shall come of the many rumoured and would be political unions, this excitement and anxiety- for the leaders-was only amplified by the constantly ticking clock and mental countdown to the December 4th deadline before which all knots must be tied.

The publishing of these banes of marriage did not however sit too well with a section of youth and was greeted with suspicion in some counties in the country as those in wasingishu took to the street in angered protest against an otherwise mutually beneficial marriage. Saying that it was entered into without consultation and that it excluded them!
Uhuru and Ruto were not the only ones rumoured to be or headed to the alter as all other aspirants went in search for their missing ribs that would complete and hopefully stre…