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Man vs. Animal.

Human kind and animals have always been at odds we see some as a source of food and are deathly afraid of others and the animals feel the same way. Yet there are times like early last month when man summons his bravery to protect both himself and all he considers to be valuable, thus leading to a standoff.Usually the animal in this case the lion finds his way out of danger by standing his ground and by his mere presence scaring the often defenceless human with the threat of becoming the others lunch but this time the lion’s innate instincts failed him and when he followed his inborn need to feed led them right into the angry spears of those in the Oloika area homestead in Kitengela. There the two lions and four cubs met their death after the humans awoke to find that the kings of the jungle had stealthily strolled in and consumed their most prized possession: their livestock. It seemed that this time the big cats 9th life was spent and that they had crossed a line in the sand. As the …