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One Year On: Unsafe, Petrified & Still Waiting.

This month marks a year since President Uhuru Kenyatta took the wheel of the bus known as Kenya. Though the dark cloud that has proven to be the pairs ICC trial continues to follow them like a noon time shadow they have managed to appear unscathed and unaffected choosing instead to concentrate all their energy into delivering on the numerous promises they made in their manifesto and in the months leading up to election day and again in his inauguration speech.

Still waiting The then candidates promised among other things state of the art Stadiums in every county, inclusion of the youth and women in government, then they uttered the words that made all the nations standard onepupils squeal with joy and wait with rapt attention and anticipation: they promised each standard one pupil a laptop – words too ostentatious even on paper. A fool hardy utterance considering some schools- if you’d even call them that- in the country have neither desks nor chairs or even blackboard. Some rural stude…