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Between rocks and hard places

Now, I have to be honest and say that although I am not a golf fan - I do not understand it and so choose to stay away - nor am I one for gossip of any kind... But when I really think about it and the bigger this story gets, the more I realise that this cannot be scooped into the same category as mere tabloid fodder.
As news of golf's world #1 Tiger Eldrick Woods' 'transgressions' continued to emerge through out the week; and as more mistresses spoke up about their affairs with the first black man to win a major golf championship, the billionaire - as of next year - became increasingly wedged between a rock and a hard place; this was nowhere more evident than when wife Elin gave her husband of 5 years a do or die ultimatum - Golf or Me - to which he has responded by deciding 'to take an indefinite break from professional golf.'
This seems to me like a man who is ether very sorry - well that can be disputed because of the timing of said remorseful apology, comi…

Rules are rules...

We all have rules that govern our work, school and even home, that set of spoken or unspoken laws that shouldn't be broken lest we are to face the consequences. In life we all adhere to some code or rule.
This is true in all areas of life except the Kenyan roads; here amid the cars, carts, busses and pedestrians the rules so carefully followed elsewhere in life are thrown out the window like old cigarette butts and chewed gum to be stepped on with little regard to all else.
The colourful and expressive often artfully graphitised death traps. These relatively inexpensive four wheeled health hazards trundle along breaking every traffic law known to man. These moving exhibitions are to seat only 14 passengers but drivers and touts jam 24 or more. Standing and packed like sardines these matatus move at break-neck speeds down pot hole riddled city streets, the only rule these dare devil drivers is that of the traffic lights - if and when they work.
These metal traps are possibly the no…