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Past The Point Of No Return.

For any Kenyan teacher, doctor or nurse life is more about the calling that these professions are. One should ideally be ready to give more than receive- even that which is by law due to them. They will give their time and lives first with many years of schooling, then even more in University, eager, finally to get down to the hard but rewarding and gratifying work of saving and moulding lives. This is the picture anyone dreaming of a future in medicine and teaching must paint for themselves, and painstakingly nurse in their minds eye.
To serve humanity, impact and often change lives, a noble cause indeed.

But this long nurtured and worked for dream is quickly shattered by the harsh working conditions and almost zero like pay these young optimists will undoubtedly have to endure. When it becomes increasingly difficult to feed themselves and pay for the roof over their heads, dreams do precious little to fill a hungry belly or -if they are fortunate enough to have a family- bellies.

If o…