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Home Made Poison.

Cheap and illicit brews or- home made poison as they seem to prove themselves to be- are nothing new as are the dire consequences of downing these hazardous concoctions: blurred vision, severe pain, blindness and most likely death. All for a quick drink for a few hours of drunken bliss then endless hours/days of pain before death comes calling the apparent logic here in completely eludes me as I am sure many non drinkers or home brew fanatics. This must have been one of the reasons why phrases like if the deal is too good think twice or cheap is costly –or something along those lines- were coined.
In the past week or so a more startling revelation was brought to the attention of those foolishly not in the know around the country when a shockingly informative investigative piece was beamed into living rooms country wide. The peace showed how a group of HIV positive women in Nairobi’s Korogocho slums use their life saving drugs to lace alcohol they brew within the slum then set loose on …

A Patriotic Test.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the Olympic Games this year, all the joy and elation of winning a medal- preferably gold- and the disappointment of being so close but yet so far. I am a sports junkie and will on any given day most likely chose to watch a sport than anything else on offer add to that the fact that the games come once every 4 years and I was hooked. Everyone starts off on day one of this viewing adventure with every reason to be optimistic and hopeful that their country will triumph once more, hoping that they can replicate or surpass the –in this case- glowing and memorable performance of the last Games but if you like I had the good fortune of being Kenyan you were in for a recipe of shock and dismay with just a dash of pain and disbelief with a few cherry sized sweet moments thrown in just to keep you hoping that things would turn around. But as race after race went by and the shock of defeat after gut wrenching defeat became an all too real nightmare the hope an…

The Integrity Question

The Integrity chapter of the constitution is one of those theoretical gems that if put into practice, followed, and adhered to in both letter and spirit our leaders would be forced to go clean, repent and abandon all side deals unbecoming of good leaders which would in turn cause a trickledown effect on the entire nation. Then we the people will surely follow their good example. You are probably rolling your eyes and murmuring ‘she’s dreaming ‘ But of course man and especially politicians will always find ways to fidget, blur and smudge the very black and visible lines of the laws pounded out by the hammer that should be the constitution (if these very law maker would cease diluting it into near nothingness).

By removing the ‘kuchuja’ or vetting clause where politicians are to be looked over by what should be a magnifying glass of law abiding organizations the police among others and given the’ green light’ so to speak as being clean and of a high standard of integrity. But our lawmak…