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History, Comic Relief and Other Strategies.

Last week with just 20 days until the March 4th general elections the 8 presidential candidates made history by coming together at the Brook House International School in Nairobi to debate each other on an array of important issues ranging from land to corruption, and from education to integrity and the ICC question, the 3 hour debate was at times humorous, serious and at times heated, it was the first of two debates taking place this month.

Strategy: Now with only 14 days left to the national election campaigns have accelerated into over drive with presidential candidates-8 in all-and their running mates are dashing from one end of the country to the other in an almost frantic effort to gather votes or sway those all important undecided voters. They are also appearing on both TV and can be heard on early morning radio shows giving interviews in a bid to sway even more voter their way.

In this frenzy politicians are everywhere doing everything they can to get the publics votes: use prov…