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To Do Ones Duty & A Long Wait.

Monday 4 March had finally arrived the day that had so eagerly been awaited and talked about; every political move whether big or small was analysed and reanalysed and the polls no longer really mattered. On Monday the country took their fate into their own capable minds with many waking at dawn – with some rising even before the sun and the cocks crowed- they were eager to do what they’d signed up for , queued for and in some cases waited- for their ID’s- longer than most for.

We woke up and rushed to the polls forsaking our beds, cutting short our sweet dreams and skipping breakfast all to be one of the first in line; the objective being to be in and out as quickly as humanly possible. This would have been the case if technology did not fail most all clerks in their hours of need. This forced them to revert to manual voting and this was admittedly much slower.

Before one was able to access the tents under which the officials were stationed however they had to queue-some for hours- and…