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Of Skipping & Unburid Hatchets.

To say that Charity Ngilu is a master at the school yard game of Jump Rope is an understatement. She seems to do it with both mastery and lightening quick reflexes and alacrity not to mention timing and precision. Due to this skill she has earned herself the rather dubious honour and reputation as wish washy and her inability to stick to make a decision and stick to it no matter the following consequences is – with each move across the chequered political chess board- becoming more apparent. In a move two days ago that some called greed fuelled and others preservation ‘Mama Rainbow’ skipped once more across the political divide – having only recently deciding to go with the Oranges of the newly minted CORD alliance- spurned the PM and VP Kalonzo Msyoka and turned instead to the equally new Jubilee alliance which comprises of TNA, URP and UDF because as she put it she was ‘betrayed in the pre-election agreement.’

This change of heart should not however have come as any shock to Mrs. Ngi…