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Another Mystery: The Defence Rests.

Saturday 27th of April began just like any other for many an average Kenyan. For me it began with breakfast and the usual nose around social media for the latest in news and whole truths, half truths with a heaped spoon full of gossip added into the mix, oh and a few games thrown in to pass the time. This is exactly what I was doing when I got a piece of news I didn’t believe or refused to if you’d like. The first thing I saw as I returned leisurely back to the top of my Facebook page- formulating my next status update, some remark about the weather- was a large picture of the Makueni Senator Mutula Kilonzo, I wondered why his picture would be distributed by a local TV network. I focused on its accompanying header and found my answer the senator and lawyer had passed on. Being the sceptic I am I did not believe the news at once. In search of clarification or more concrete proof I switched channels, only to be greeted repeatedly by the same breaking news banner at the bottom of each lo…