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A Family of Pigs, A Private Jet & A cartoon.

Never before has a cartoon caused quite an uproar or such debate as the one published in the Daily Nation sometime last week, the artist,Gado one of the country’s best-in my opinion drew the Deputy Prime Minister laid out on the chairs of the plane having his back massaged by some females who were said to be MP’s that accompanied him on a trip around the continent. A jet that cost the country anywhere from 100million shillings to a low- I use the word loosely- 18.5million- well it is lower than 100M!
Before this expensive revelation was made and sent the country buzzing, tweeting and facebook-ing like mad there was another cause for concern and loud but peaceful protests through the streets of the capital city, a family of pigs in tow.

Our MP’s have long since earned themselves the very unflattering nick name ‘MPigs’- hence the pigs. They fast earned the name and hashtag because of their seemingly insatiable greed! These honourable men and women are always all too quick to augment their…