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More of the same.... or is it?

Like most people,I find myself glued to my screens for the news, yes I said it, the news. It has ceased to be the boarding and contritely repetitive spew of the 80 and 90 a la retired president Moi and become - less about the commander of the armed forces - more about what is truly wrong with the country exposing it seedy, festering underbelly for the ever more discerning voter to ponder and dissect believe it has evolved so due to considerably more freedom provided to the 4th Estate thus allowing the dog to grow teeth.

This week has been an excellent one for every patriotic Kenyan alive as we scooped yet more medals as the commonwealth games came to a close yesterday. But the thing that left me quite puzzled is why our contingent did not await the last day and arrive home all together, further more why where they not able to visit any Indian villages or take some time out to experience India's beauty and culture? What of those villagers who scrubbed and cleaned their surroundings…