More of the same.... or is it?

Like most people,I find myself glued to my screens for the news, yes I said it, the news. It has ceased to be the boarding and contritely repetitive spew of the 80 and 90 a la retired president Moi and become - less about the commander of the armed forces - more about what is truly wrong with the country exposing it seedy, festering underbelly for the ever more discerning voter to ponder and dissect believe it has evolved so due to considerably more freedom provided to the 4th Estate thus allowing the dog to grow teeth.

This week has been an excellent one for every patriotic Kenyan alive as we scooped yet more medals as the commonwealth games came to a close yesterday. But the thing that left me quite puzzled is why our contingent did not await the last day and arrive home all together, further more why where they not able to visit any Indian villages or take some time out to experience India's beauty and culture? What of those villagers who scrubbed and cleaned their surroundings, tirelessly, eagerly expecting visitor who never would come, it's a shame really. Our men and women gave us something to shout and endlessly brag about...

Our footballers on the other hand were held to a 0-0 draw by Uganda Crains, well I guess some would say its better than a loss. With that uninspired result we can continue to forget ever appearing in the African Cup of Nations. Life was even harder for some of those who dared to venture in to watch the match live at the overly packed stadium, poleni sana, and the news was not much better for those hoping to catch the game on TV either, as no one showed it!

The animal that is tribalism - that I naively thought we'd swept under the rug - once again reared its oh so familiarly ugly head this week as the 'rattle snake' and environment minister John Michuki made some 'old school utterances that rubbed some of his colleges the wrong way. It also served to wake me from my ignorance to the fact that tribalism will never cease to be.
The elderly Environmental minister was endorsing the finance minister Uhuru Kenyatta, touting him as the gate keeper of the Central province; saying that all those looking for the Kikuyu vote need look to 'the son of Kenyatta' to get the ringing endorsement.
As with any remark some echoed Mr. Michukis sentiments John Mututho (Naivasha), Ferdinand Waititu (Embakasi), Simon Mbugua (Kamukunji) and Assistant Minister Kareke Mbiuki (Nithi) all said Mr Kenyatta was the preferred leader of Central Kenya.
While others like Nominated MP Rachael Shebash were hot under the collar and riled up over the comments saying that "It’s a shame to actually put the name of Uhuru Kenyatta into this kind of debate but I think sometimes he allows it. But as a young person I can tell you that if Uhuru doesn’t respond to what Michuki has said in a way that shows that he is a Kenyan leader looking for Kenyan votes, he will lose the youth constituency without a doubt".

It was also an exceedingly bad week for higher education minister William Samoi Ruto who stared suspension in the face once more, as a decade old case against him was heard and it was decided that he be made to face the music on the 96 million fraud case.
The minister had moved to court after the case was instituted saying it was a violation of his fundamental rights but on Friday, the Constitutional court ruled that if Mr Ruto had any issues to object to, he should raise them before the trial court.

It is alleged that Ruto fraudulently obtained the money from a former Kenya Pipeline Company manager Hellen Njue, by pretending he was in a position to sell land at Ngong Forest to the Kenya Pipeline Company.
This may well have huge consequences on the ministers’ political future and with 2012 approaching - somewhat in the distance - and with everyone eying the presidency this case throws a fairly large spanner in the ministers’ works. And as all those who have been threatened with the upheaval that is possible suspension the higher education minister has stood his ground saying – to all who will listen- that he will NOT resign, maintaining his innocence claiming that he did not receive any money as alleged and that he did not partake in the transaction that saw Mr Ruto who maintained his innocence claimed that he did not receive the money as alleged and that he was not part of the transaction that saw 100 acres of land in Ngong Forest illegally sold off.

He instead claimed that the court case and Friday’s ruling by a constitutional court were engineered by his political enemies ahead of the 2012 general elections.

Well all I can say to this lot is that repeating the same scenes over and over again makes for quite a boring show.

Attribution: Capital Nation.


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