all about the Kenyan idiot

Okey let me be totally honest about my motives for starting down this path. I have always been better with a pen in my hand.

I begin this voyage into my mind with you out of the sheer frustration with the local papers for not publuishing my oppinions in their pages! I chose the name KenyanIdiot for two reasons: 1.To poke fun of politicians / people & the situations around me and 2. and most important as a refrence to myself as just an ordinary person with something to say: I am the Idiot.

The tittle came from a conversation with my sister about the crazy world of politics in this country. You see like many avarage people we like to talk about our politics, politicians and their latest shinanigans, but make no mistake this blog won't be just political!



  1. Congrats on taking this great journey of the mind

  2. Well well well. Kudos on starting you own literary journey (or journal depending on how one views this) and I really do think your words should be published so that our incompetent government (well most of the leaders we have dont know what they're doing in office!) can learn from a bright young mind like yours! Hope this wont eat up all your time though, for I still need a constructive critic for my poetry! Lol! Keep it up my dear! :-)

  3. Off to a good start sis! Its about time we had a fresh and unbiased viewpoint from there. Looking forward to the next one.. by the way..what's with the electricity rationing and outages? Poor planning and corruption. Nothing new I guess.

  4. When there is something to be said, there will always be an outlet (even if it is not the one you think it should be at first :-))You have always been great with the pen and I am so proud. Looking forward to hearing a lot more from you. As hubby said you are off to a great start!!! It is amazing what a little chat can lead to...


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