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It's all over... Not just yet!

Congratulations world, we're all still here!
It has been five days since the world was prophesied to come to a clattering, crashing, crescendo. The hour of doom was to have been 6pm Saturday May 28th. It came and went for me as many had in the past and as I settled down to the tv, I couldn't help but think of 89 year old Harold Camping a retired civil engineer whose followers must have thought this second time luck for the faux profit who first tried his luck in 1994. Apparently being burnt once does not make you shy the second time.
Mr. Campings blush with prophetical embarrassment reminded me of the house of Yahweh whose leader; yet another American, Yisrayl Hawkins predicted, falsely that the world would end before 12th September 2006 and advised his followers to build bunkers in case of the nuclear war that would result. The sect began here in Kenya in 1997, their followers sold everything they owned and moved into their newly built cave like bunkers some of Mr. Campings …