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Devolution: Kenya Chapter...

Ever idea or scheme can be good or even great given copious hours of planning and time to working out every possible kink or pitfall sometimes as they arise. This is what was thought of Devolution; it looked like a great concept... on paper and in practice look at America, it has worked there... So there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for Kenya...Right?
Africa or at least Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya in particular have repeatedly and rather loudly - over booming megaphones – shouted that we don’t look to the West for direction. Guys in case you hadn’t gotten the memo the concept of devolved government *was and is used in America and the UK... more proof? The words Senator and Governor should be a dead giveaway!

Size and population differences between the two notwithstanding devolution has proved its worth and transformative power, in some counties more than others- a shining example of which is Governor Alfred Mutuas- yes the former government spin doctor- Machakos county which demon…