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What a Shame!

Health and life are two of the most important things for anyone and insuring one’s life and well being has become a matter of increased importance for many if not all Kenyans what with death knocking louder and more frequently at the doors of the relatively youthful, visiting us indiscriminately as always. Something seems to shift; we seem collectively jolted into consciousness whenever a person of any importance passes away or- more frequently now- when a bomb or grenade is thrown into our establishments disrupting our peace and waking us into protection mode, forcing us to take precautions.It is an integral part of human nature to want to protect and safeguard not only our own lives but the lives of those nearest and dearest to us and when disaster or loss occur these innate instincts are heightened, we gather information about how to stay safe and fend of attacks of any kind, we force ourselves to become or stay healthy, eager to cheat death. The scary thought and finality of death…

Thank you and...

To all who will read this,
I just wanted to take some time out and thank you all for reading my blog and for your continued loyalty to my musings!
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I hope you will all continue to enjoy my thoughts and opinions on all that is Kenyan!
Many Thanks,

Highly Educated.

All parents through time in memorial have wanted all that is best for their kids, for their little ones to have a far better life than they did. Part of that dream is for their child to get a good education firstly with Nursery school then on through Primary school and finally (hopefully) the school experience will end with a High school education four long years of it! When this is done the plan –for some and the wish for most all mothers is that their child has found their niche, that thing that fulfils their lives or at least makes them happier and gives them a sense of purpose.A higher education has become paramount in today’s fast changing world, everyone wants the certificates, diplomas, degrees, masters and –eventually – PHD’s that will either get their feet in the door at their dream job or in some cases get them that long awaited promotion. Everyone had to have it; there seemed no other way around the job market. For some reason or other it seemed -on Wednesday night that- as …