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The Other Side of the Shirt.

RVP, where should I begin, he has been one of the most talked at Trended topics on and off since he made the announcement that broke many a red gunned heart around the world (whether they admit to it or not) and spurned more vitriol and anger since well to be honest I can’t really remember when a transfer of a single player caused this big an uproar. That he would be leaving the Gunners with whom he had stayed for 8 years in search of greener more trophy filled pastures- that in itself must have been a blow but then after what seemed to be an interminable period of teetering between stay and go and perhaps more importantly for the Dutch marksman- go where?
With rumour and loud chatter rife and with both Manchester City and Juventus tossing their hats and mega millions into the ring for the services for the at that point Euro2012 horribly misfiring Arsenal forward- he probably had a lot on his 29 year olds mind as at the time- Van Persie had not made up his mind.

At this juncture I must …

A Vat of Hot Soup.

Earlier this week Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Baraza and Environment Minister Chirau Ali Mwakwere found themselves stewing in the scalding hot soup when the law finally came to bare on them. In picture of golden shining much needed proof that the constitution- which was signed in 2010 after of unrest in 2007 and a decade’s long struggle to change the old antiquated laws- could work. The suspended DCJ must be cursing the Director of Public Prosecutions Keriako Tobiko who levelled charges against her for assaulting and threatening to kill Rebecca Kerubo a security guard on December 31st of last year at the Village Market Shopping Mall she is also charged with threatening to breach the peace, if convicted the Lady Justice stands to lose everything she has worked so very hard for- not onlyher plum (golden egg) job as the DCJ but also her very freedom being carted off to jail for 10 years. As expected the fiery and feisty lawyer exercised her constitutional right as she fought the recommendat…