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Almost but Not Quite There (Robin Hood)

Kenya’s government officials: president, Vice and MP’s are some of the world’s highest paid civil servants. We have with time nursed and nourished an odd and exceedingly expensive culture and in the past few decades it has only soured to new heights of excess and greed perpetrated by a handful of skilled and educated not to mention smartly dressed law makers or- as many a Kenyan would rather address them- law benders or breakers.

They do not do this to land themselves inside the wall cold tiny and dreary cement grey jail cell but to benefit and reward themselves for their long days of hard law making. And these rewards could not be bigger. From hiking up their salaries to awarding themselves allowances for anything from fuel, vacations and entertainment, it doesn’t end their however as they also give themselves some money to pay their house helps, gardeners and/or cooks. Kenyans are then stuck with this ever inflating bill through taxes. This week however Kenyans saw a ray of light in …