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After The Long Wait : The President-Elect Has Arrived.

On Saturday 9th Kenyans again rose early eager for the news that had taken a long slow week to arrive. They would finally know conclusively and officially who their president was. The announcement was made and almost immediately people filled the streets of their counties, cities and villages wearing any article of red clothing they could find in celebration of the announcement that their preferred candidate and son of the countries founding father Jomo Kenyatta had ascended and returned to the corridors of state house this time as president.

The other 5 million Kenyans- or more if you count the other defeated candidates- were in a more sombre mood retreating indoors to smart in defeat and lick their wounds and while some watched as Kenyatta received his certificate from Issack Hassan then proceeded to the Catholic University to make his acceptance speech, basking in the glory and jubilation of their win surrounded by their friends and family.
The new president is scheduled to be sworn …