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How to break the laws you make

Breaking the law is easy. Now before you protest or make a face hear me out; for almost every living soul colouring within the lines that the law provides doesn’t take much thought, you just follow the rules, after all that is what they’re made for.

But for a precious, privileged few this task could not be harder, now I’m not going after the 1% of wealth folks scattered around the globe who seem to have it all rather my disbelief and dismay is focused on a more concentrated bunch of unruly law makers who all call Kenya home. Our guys and girls in uniform and the equally untamed but more handsomely paid law makers (Governors, Senators and MP’s) of the nation have proved time and time again that breaking the law is as easy as learning to count. They have succeeded in bringing both dishonour and shame to not only to themselves and their professions, but to the country as a whole.

The Police
Under normal circumstances and certainly in other nations around the world the mere sight of a poli…