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Of Hopscotch & Marriage.

Politics is often like a children’s playground game of hopscotch: The aim of this game is to retrieve a marker thrown onto one of the squares on a grid that’s marked on the ground by hopping on one foot across the lines adjacent to the object. In recent weeks our politicians seem to be hop scotching – leaping or jumping from their original or elective parties to other perhaps greener pastures- a lot, eager to find a new home that will sail them into either State House or the promise of a plum job in the government of a newly minted ally.

As with every move or strategy: something has to motivate it and in our politicians case one key motivator was the Ipsos Synovate Poll earlier this month which tabulated an outcome of the election were it to be held then. The opinion poll stated the Prime Minister would lose in a Run-off with his Deputy Uhuru Kenyatta. This reading sent Mp’s in search of new homes and in some cases to broker new deals or ‘Marriages’. One thing was painfully clear to a…