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More Questions Than Answers.

The blame game officially began last week with the IEBC and the government engaging in a not to subtle verbal mudslinging contest. The stakes in this match were higher than most, and with an ever deepening time crunch looming one can understand a sense of panic and fear creeping into the core of the IEBC. More questions were asked ofAhmed Issack Hassan and his deal sealing and time management skills not to mention his organizations independence or lack thereof.

To make things worse for Mr.Hassan unflattering comparisons and conclusions were come to in the Media and beamed across the country then sent out to become viral and induce worry in the hearts of many if not all Kenyan hearts. All this furore, back and forth and fear were brought on by electronic devices: Biometric Voter Registration (BVR) Kits to be exact.
There were then more questions (and worries) for the IEBC to answer (and quell) on just how Safran Morpho ended up supplying the country with the kits. There are also question…