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The church speaks for us all...

These past few weeks have been chock full of the big bad abortion debate and wherever conception really begins.
The church put its foot in it once again by saying that they speak for all Christians when they outlaw abortion and that would raise hell and all manner of objections were the dastardly act enshrined within its pages.
I am at pains to explain that the church does not speak for all Christians. Being one myself I do believe that it is a morally wrong act and should not be performed with reckless abandon by any woman who simply does not want a child, having said that though I do believe that if the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother the doctor should then be allowed to suggest the procedure, sign off on and perform said procedure. I also believe that these were the exact sentiments of the law makers when they wrote the article to legalise the act.
As the past week wore on I began to see another area where the mother of said child may want to or have to partake in ending…