How to break the laws you make

Breaking the law is easy. Now before you protest or make a face hear me out; for almost every living soul colouring within the lines that the law provides doesn’t take much thought, you just follow the rules, after all that is what they’re made for.

But for a precious, privileged few this task could not be harder, now I’m not going after the 1% of wealth folks scattered around the globe who seem to have it all rather my disbelief and dismay is focused on a more concentrated bunch of unruly law makers who all call Kenya home. Our guys and girls in uniform and the equally untamed but more handsomely paid law makers (Governors, Senators and MP’s) of the nation have proved time and time again that breaking the law is as easy as learning to count. They have succeeded in bringing both dishonour and shame to not only to themselves and their professions, but to the country as a whole.

The Police
Under normal circumstances and certainly in other nations around the world the mere sight of a poli…

Everyone's Scared & Running Away.

Tourism has long been akin to fuel essential to the function of a car. Essential to this country as food is to the human body. And the tourists- mostly international who have repeatedly chosen Kenya- its coast, wild life sanctuaries, hotels and beach front resorts as the place to while away their summer or escape the frigid cold of their Christmas holidays. The revenue they bring has been the life blood and lively hood of more than 7500 people have lost their jobs in the tourism industry in the last few months alone.

Tourism is under any normal circumstances a thriving and lucrative cash cow that never fails- well almost never..Due to the recent spate of attacks on the country be Al Shabab terrorists who have actively shot at, massacred, bombed and lobbed grenades at office buildings, apartment blocks, and even some churches, throwing in the WestGate mall last September just to create a heightened sense of fear and terror.
With all this insecurity it is no wonder why the tourism indust…

One Year On: Unsafe, Petrified & Still Waiting.

This month marks a year since President Uhuru Kenyatta took the wheel of the bus known as Kenya. Though the dark cloud that has proven to be the pairs ICC trial continues to follow them like a noon time shadow they have managed to appear unscathed and unaffected choosing instead to concentrate all their energy into delivering on the numerous promises they made in their manifesto and in the months leading up to election day and again in his inauguration speech.

Still waiting The then candidates promised among other things state of the art Stadiums in every county, inclusion of the youth and women in government, then they uttered the words that made all the nations standard onepupils squeal with joy and wait with rapt attention and anticipation: they promised each standard one pupil a laptop – words too ostentatious even on paper. A fool hardy utterance considering some schools- if you’d even call them that- in the country have neither desks nor chairs or even blackboard. Some rural stude…

Devolution: Kenya Chapter...

Ever idea or scheme can be good or even great given copious hours of planning and time to working out every possible kink or pitfall sometimes as they arise. This is what was thought of Devolution; it looked like a great concept... on paper and in practice look at America, it has worked there... So there’s no reason why it shouldn’t work for Kenya...Right?
Africa or at least Zimbabwe, Uganda and Kenya in particular have repeatedly and rather loudly - over booming megaphones – shouted that we don’t look to the West for direction. Guys in case you hadn’t gotten the memo the concept of devolved government *was and is used in America and the UK... more proof? The words Senator and Governor should be a dead giveaway!

Size and population differences between the two notwithstanding devolution has proved its worth and transformative power, in some counties more than others- a shining example of which is Governor Alfred Mutuas- yes the former government spin doctor- Machakos county which demon…

Digitally Analogue

It was just before Christmas when Kenyans came home to find that their local TV stations had faded to black, leaving us instead with a message to explain their sudden blackout. The three The Standard Group, Nation Media Group and Royal Media services (aka KTN, NTV, QTV and Citizen TV) did so in protest of the looming switch from an analogue platform to a digital one. When their case against the CCK was thrown out by Justice David Majanja the three took action and went off air until Christmas evening.

Once they were on air once more the three went back to court to appeal the decision, meanwhile the courts ordered the migration to proceed and as a result those who had not bought the Universal Set Top Boxes worth approximately 5,000 shillings and lived in Nairobi and its environs woke up Monday morning to find nothing but the white rainy look of an unturned TV set- translation: They had been cut off! Prompting some Kenyans to rush to their nearest retailer, to tighten their belts and pur…

Hero Looters.

It was exactly one week ago today on Mashujaa Day eve and I like many Kenyans sat impatient for the conclusion of the 9 pm news on KTN so as to dive collectively into the truth about what really went on during one of the countries darkest 4 day periods in a long while.

Almost a month earlier, on September 21st a group of terrorists violently took over the upmarket Westgate mall in what would turn out to be days of terror that would result in more than 60 lives lost. The country watched in horrified amazement that afternoon and deep into the dead of night as the squad of men went in and shot, or blew dozens of innocent lives away.

The siege showed us the twin faces of our nation and most of its people. This devastating attack brought out the best of all that is Kenyan as we found within ourselves bravery and limitless kindness. The Red Cross risked their lives and viewed a most horrifying scene simple to rescue those held hostage inside the local hang out spot. The police were first on t…

When Decorum Flies The Coop

Politicians never miss the opportunity to do what they do best; politic. For this special group of people every even can and often will be turned into an impromptu political rally of sorts they have proven time and time again that all they need is a microphone, podium, stage or raised platform and most importantly a crowed of eager and adoring supporters. They are always armed with witty and clever lines and are never short of a comment or insight into the latest happenings and goings on. They are rarely off the pulse and more often than not off the cuff- there is nothing wrong with that, in fact we have come to expect it from our political leaders.

But when does politicking cross the line? At a wedding? In church on Sunday? Not quite, this is weird but not all together in bad taste. What is in bad taste and absolutely unacceptable is when our mighty and powerful, politicos chose the funeral of 4 teachers and 11 students who died two weeks ago as a result of a road accident. This was t…