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Rain comes from the sky

I have been meaning to write this for days now but have found ways to put it off.
I was trying to sort it out in my mind as well as maintain a level of objectivity...
Well, technically it does, the clouds absorb water from lakes and oceans, which fills up the cloud and down comes the rain. But that is beside the point; the point is that because of global warming- the increase in the average temperature of the earth's air and oceans since the mid 20th century-the rivers and lakes are drying up so there is less water for the evaporation process necessary for rain.
Forests like the Mau are very important because trees do away with greenhouse gasses by using up carbon dioxide molecules. Once the CO2 is removed from the atmosphere oxygen is released into the air. Chopping down these trees as is seen in the Mau nullifies this process. Furthermore the trees in the forest prevent sunlight from reaching the ground, when trees are felled their stumps decomposition is hastened resulting in t…