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Errors as usual...

ERROR: Mistake, Something not done correctly OR to be wrong in conduct or judgment.

This week the weather was atrocious and it gave us something to moan about other than politics and just when we thought that would be the only bothersome topic we were all forced to re think, sit up and take notice of the ‘storm in a teacup’ that brewed all too suddenly, as once forgotten errors came back to haunt the government and most especially the AG.
As the proposed constitution hit the AG’s desk for editing, he promised only to add full stops, commas and to correct any grammatical errors, and all seemed well, that is until the 47 page document left his desk and went into Gitonga Rukwaro’s hands for publishing. The document was then released to the public as a pull out in their daily papers.
All was well and civic education was soon to begin – someone once said that when things are too good to be true then it probably is – but were to be awoken form the lull by the ghost of errors past come back…