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The Trouble With Youth

Ones youth is a time like no other that bridge between child hood and irresponsibility and adulthood. Some may approach this time with maturity and common sense eager to make a smooth untroubled transition where as others see this time as one last chance and passport to lose the compass and life map one last time. This lot were perhaps the motley crew that took to the streets of an otherwise peaceful peace loving Mombasa City on Monday to protest the killing of Sheikh Aboud Rogo Mohamed over the weekend.

Having no clues as to who sleighed the well known Al shabab sympathiser the mostly young mourners took to the streets to demonstrate their displeasure at the polices’ speed- lack their of- in solving the killing.
Now there’s absolutely no problem with a group choosing to protest all that they see as wrong with the world they live in, in fact this mostly peaceful method of civil mass action has been a common and effective means to an end for many groups of disgruntled citizens in the pa…