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A heaped plate... of dissapointment.

The Weekend ended on a low for me and all other football fans that dared support the Netherlands when they went up against the Matadors of Spain. I will try to limit my ranting about the horrid refereeing not only in the last match but throughout the tournament! A good thing to come out of the human error mess is that it forced Sepp Blatter and FIFA to reopen the case on goal line technology; hopefully we will not have to sit through any more agonizingly bad calls that mar the beauty of the game.
At this juncture a standing ovation must go to S.A for organizing a great tourney!
Back to Kenya and the failings of our system...
Those who were responsible for Uhuru Park grenade incident are yet to be brought to book, this even after the military joined the search for the culprits. But they are hard at work and a report of their finding will be delivered ASAP.

But by far the thing that has irked me the most is that our MP's are intent on increasing their salaries and perks exponentiall…