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Trophy in town.

wow! The world cup trophy is here!
But wait, why are we so excited?
Don't get me wrong I absolutly adore football... it's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. But let's be serious, all this buzz for something that only a lucky few will take a picture with. Many did not even get close enough to the solid gold work of art, and if you did; it is enchased in a glass box!
Now people I can understand the president and Prime Ministers zeal because they are the only ones who could touch the thing.
The trophy must have been a sight to behold and I hope Kenyans enjoyed the priviledge because this is as close as anyone in this country is ever going to get to that cup.
Harambee stars are never going to lift that trophy high... never, at least not as long as we keep getting thrashed 5-0 by teams like Kuwait! Our national team is a true embarrassment, and I can't help but think of what could have been under the tutor ledge of the late German coach Rainhard Fabish. …

The Big car syndrome

Everyone- at least here in Africa has an ongoing fascination and a never ending love-affair with big four wheel drive cars.
If you have one everyone else assumes that you're rich, this is in many cases an over assumption because most people who have large cars have loaned money from their banks to acquire not only the car but also the sense of status it brings. This syndrome is so far in-bread within us even our MP's refuse to drive smaller more money saving cars calling them 'school boy' vehicles.
These false ideas are irritating, and, more importantly drive many who can not afford them to the brink poverty and possible bankruptcy just for the show of it.
We seem to be drawn to the flashy things in life like moths to a flame, it seems we all love to show off to our would be friends.
It seems like, some of our politicians and super rich wouldn't be caught anywhere in small saloon cars. They are so attached to their four wheeled friends that they are no longer a mea…

Exam Fever

Well it's that time of year again when a batch of young people get down to knuckle cracking, stress inducing exams, and thus hopefully taking their first steps into a world much different from the one they know. A brand new and often daunting phase of their lives: University.
Whether they do GCSE or KCSE this time is marked by pure stress and it is this stress and mounting pressure to succeed that leads many to cheat.
I must admit that although I never did it but I will try to explain why some feel the need to, so bare with me...
Exam feaver is a term that is used to explain the sheer panic that greets a student before, and even during a paper. At this point some students even draw a complete blank.
Again allow me to admit if you will, when I was sitting my GCSE's and GCE's a few years ago I had probably the worst case of exam fever ever, my stomach was in knots and I went into a cold sweat when I saw my first paper which just happened to be English Lit... to make the lon…