Trophy in town.

wow! The world cup trophy is here!
But wait, why are we so excited?
Don't get me wrong I absolutly adore football... it's been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. But let's be serious, all this buzz for something that only a lucky few will take a picture with. Many did not even get close enough to the solid gold work of art, and if you did; it is enchased in a glass box!
Now people I can understand the president and Prime Ministers zeal because they are the only ones who could touch the thing.
The trophy must have been a sight to behold and I hope Kenyans enjoyed the priviledge because this is as close as anyone in this country is ever going to get to that cup.
Harambee stars are never going to lift that trophy high... never, at least not as long as we keep getting thrashed 5-0 by teams like Kuwait! Our national team is a true embarrassment, and I can't help but think of what could have been under the tutor ledge of the late German coach Rainhard Fabish. He seemed to be our best chance and I am left wondering what could have been if only he'd stayed longer and was given a chance to prove himself.
As I write this our new coach Antoine Hey is not training his team for their upcoming match with the Nigerian Super Eagles - which I can guarantee we will lose!
I find myself no longer optomistic about my national team. I do not support them when they take to the pitch nor am I disappointed over their mounting losses.
I know in the back of my mind-I am resigned to the fact- that the match is lost before it begins.
So on this day when dancers greeted the 37 centimetre tall pure gold cups arrival into the country I too sat dawking at it knowing, that this is as good as it gets for Kenya.


  1. Let us hope that Twahir succeeds where so many have failed before, let us hope. Good stuff Haika...


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