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Haki Yetu (Our Rights): The Year Of The Strike.

This year or at least the last six months has been a seemingly endless period of strike after strike. In what has become almost akin to a tradition of demanding better (in most cases) from the government by taking to the streets, marching in unison with one goal and loud battle cries of ‘Haki Yetu’ or while singing the now famed song ‘Bado Mapambano’ that was first used by Otieno Kajwang to bolster support for the NARC party in 2005.

These chants were to be heard at least half a dozen times in three strikes within the last 6 months with another threatening to follow suite this Christmas, by the Matatu Welfare Association alongside the Kenya Long Distance Drivers Association with the backing of the Central Organisation of Trade Unions (COTU) in one week for a 10 day period beginning on the 19th –the 27th of this month if the government refuses to reduce the countries elevated fuel prices by 30%, calls to hike their fares by the Matatu Owners Association have been rejected by the …