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I will not resign

The education ministy and its minister Sam Ongeri are once again at the tips of everyones tongue. There have been many calls for the minister and his P.S to resign due to the misappropriation of the free primary education funds, now however the Prime Minister has added his voice to those calling for the ministers swift exit.
The P.M asked the president to fire Hon. Ongeri to allow for a full investigation into the missing funds.
The minister was once again as defiant (as they've all been when backed into a corner) as a caged animal accusing the Prime Minister of staging 'witch hunt' and of 'politicing'. On the other hand President Kibaki has pledged to be firm on any and all culprits of corruption. But once again I am scheptical that these words will once again come to naught. If history is to be my teacher and indeed a teacher to us all we can see that corruption has not really been dealt with affirmativly in kenya.
This is not the first call for Ongeri to vaicate…