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The hot potato that everyone wants to drop

Abdullah el-Faisal has become something of a hot potato that no one wants to handle. The 45-year-old Jamaican-born Muslim cleric was arrested by Kenyan authorities on New Year's Day for preaching at a mosque in Nairobi, Kenya. This breached stipulations of his work permit.
Efforts to deport el-Faisal back to his native Jamaica have been thwarted by other countries unwillingness to let him transit though their airports.
The subsequent protests by Muslim youth which was called by the Muslim Human Rights Forum to protest the arrest of controversial cleric Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal in on Friday turned violent and caused the death of at least four people and injured 15, including a member of the GSU. Vehicles, business premises and buildings worth millions did not escape the wrath of the young protesters. The numerous youth engaged police in battle by pelting them with stones, to which the initially overwhelmed police replied with canisters of teargas and live bullets.
The controversia…