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... And still they drink...

At least 12 are dead after they became ‘Yokozuna’s’ victims. No this is not a joke nor a slip of the tongue and to all those wrestling fans-if they still exist- I do not mean the near 500 pound Polynesian wrestling champ who claimed fame in the ‘80’s and 90’s.
No, rather I am referring to an illicit local concoction originating in Nyahururu that lies just east of Nakuru in Nyandarua county. The lethal and blinding brew that was introduced in the region just last week has rapidly killed, blinded or hospitalized those that dared to drink it . After threats to protest over the brew and its brewers Nyahururu’s District commissioner Lucy Mulili ordered a crackdown on all drinking dens believed to stock the deadly brew she further added that those who sell the brew are not licenced to do so.

This is not however the first time that Kenyans of all generations, ages and genders have lost their sight or lives to the taste of ‘one more drink’.

Since as far back as 1998 Kenyans have been lur…