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And The Nominees Are..

It was quite a wait for the announcements that eventually came and as the new President and Deputy came out of the corridors of state house and stood before the eagerly awaiting cameras and nation at large he said among other things that this was not the government of old where one would hear the announcements on the One O’clock news, where a CV was all that was needed when choosing members of a cabinet. We were minutes away from finding out just how true and –digital- this statement and style was.

First and most apparent was the smart casual way that President Kenyatta and his Deputy dressed, they walked out of the wooden doors of statehouse in matching long sleeved white shirts and red ties sans the stuffy, official looking jackets. The both looked relaxed and jovial.
He introduced each nominee or appointee and gave us his/her biography. Letting us get to know his choices was unheard of before this.His predecessors always held this vital process behind closed doors only notifying the …