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When Decorum Flies The Coop

Politicians never miss the opportunity to do what they do best; politic. For this special group of people every even can and often will be turned into an impromptu political rally of sorts they have proven time and time again that all they need is a microphone, podium, stage or raised platform and most importantly a crowed of eager and adoring supporters. They are always armed with witty and clever lines and are never short of a comment or insight into the latest happenings and goings on. They are rarely off the pulse and more often than not off the cuff- there is nothing wrong with that, in fact we have come to expect it from our political leaders.

But when does politicking cross the line? At a wedding? In church on Sunday? Not quite, this is weird but not all together in bad taste. What is in bad taste and absolutely unacceptable is when our mighty and powerful, politicos chose the funeral of 4 teachers and 11 students who died two weeks ago as a result of a road accident. This was t…