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Hero Looters.

It was exactly one week ago today on Mashujaa Day eve and I like many Kenyans sat impatient for the conclusion of the 9 pm news on KTN so as to dive collectively into the truth about what really went on during one of the countries darkest 4 day periods in a long while.

Almost a month earlier, on September 21st a group of terrorists violently took over the upmarket Westgate mall in what would turn out to be days of terror that would result in more than 60 lives lost. The country watched in horrified amazement that afternoon and deep into the dead of night as the squad of men went in and shot, or blew dozens of innocent lives away.

The siege showed us the twin faces of our nation and most of its people. This devastating attack brought out the best of all that is Kenyan as we found within ourselves bravery and limitless kindness. The Red Cross risked their lives and viewed a most horrifying scene simple to rescue those held hostage inside the local hang out spot. The police were first on t…