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Then We Said Goodbye.

It was just another Sunday morning and I awoke for another round of my newest addiction: Twitter. I must admit that the little blue bird has managed to monopolize my time and almost ridden me into antisocial behaviour and so it was that Sunday when I logged on for the latest in what my followers were doing and (although I don’t often admit this) to see whether I had amassed any mew member to my own Twitter family. As the Tweets came at the speed of light and I began to read down the line I noticed in passing that a crash had occurred at Kibiku Forest in Ngong and as more people began to relay the same news I took it more seriously... 10-20 people can’t be wrong! So I did what all news junkies would do I clicked and read. As the day got older I dragged myself begrudgingly from my lap top and onto the TV where I like many Kenyans watched in shock and sadness as the facts trickled in that the Internal Security Ministry was wiped clean in one fell swoop.As I watched my hope turned into dou…