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The Reverse Robin Hood.

They left their homes, offices and possibly university class rooms to march in the unison of their discontent, a feeling not exclusive to these young men and women but one known to the country as a whole. So they braved the suns harsh rays carrying and lagging more than 200 boxes behind then or baring them on their shoulders. They walked in one voice to parliament* to do what their MP’s had wanted: a state funeral all be it without the rich colour, pomp and circumstance, the youth’s each with a uniform black wooden box fashioned into the shape of a casket which they proceeded to splash with fuel and burn in what took on the form of a bon fire.

This act of defiance and cheek was as a result of the MP’s latest attempt last week to award themselves a hefty retirement package of millions and dozens of new perks, among them armed guards and state funerals.

Perks weren’t the only gift MP’s gave themselves in this amendment –of a bill- to the retirement benefits bill 2012 MP’s lavished upon t…