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The Hummingbird...

If there’s one thing we Kenyan’s know how to do its come together in times of crisis or in this case to bid a respectful good bye to one of its fallen and much loved heroines.

After the initial shock, awe and sadness had worn off then came the tributes flowing fast like a river unabated and for a brief moment we were all banded together and our differences seemed to disappear if only just for the week.

We gathered together a band of brothers and sisters to pay our respects and sing our songs to one of the strongest most passionate fighters of the environment and women’s (and indeed human) rights the nation has had the pleasure of spawning. She was fierce in her beliefs and love for the country; she was truly amazing and will be missed by the world. Ovarian cancer ended her struggle to preserve not only our present but our future generations.

Everyone is planting trees from the young to the old, to the famous and the ordinary, everyone is getting their hands dirty for this good cause…