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Divided Loyalty.

In perhaps the most expected and most publicized story of the week is that of Najib Balala who was booted off the Island on Monday for what is widely seen as his disloyalty to his captain, but which he defines as ‘having an independent mind’. In recent months the former Tourism minister and Mvita MP has spoken none too favorably of his party leader , calling his former ally a “dictator whom Kenyans do not deserve as their next president”- how quickly thing have changed, where once the two were very friendly now the two are engaged in a tense verbal shoot out with the Prime minister went on record earlier this week when he said that Balala had refused to be a team player but instead busied himself with “shooting the ball toward his own goal, in the game of football you shoot towards the opponents goal not your own” and as if to further display his disdain for his onetime buddy by likening him to a wife who wants the dissolution of a marriage stating that “ If your wife wants a divorce …

To Vote or Not To Vote : A Story Of Confusion...

We are a confused lot, or at the very least we have been plunged into the mud and muck that has become choosing an election date. Ever since the 17th of this month when the courts ruled that the general elections are to be held after parliament has completed their term on the 14th of January 2013 as is stated in the countries new constitution signed by the head of state in 2010 and that the elections are to take place within 60 days.
This awakened yet another disagreement between President Kibaki and PM Raila Odinga… which makes one think whether these two ever read from the same script? Well apparently not! And proceeded to arouse strong opinions from those in government including:
The VP Kalonzo Musioka who was "surprised by latest twists and turns"
Presidential aspirant William Ruto: "Where did they get the March date from?"
Martha Karua who said it was "illegal"- Rather strong considering that they must have at the very least perused through the constitu…