Divided Loyalty.

In perhaps the most expected and most publicized story of the week is that of  Najib Balala who was booted off the Island on Monday for what is widely seen as his disloyalty to his captain, but which he defines as ‘having an independent mind’. In recent months the former Tourism minister and Mvita MP has spoken none too favorably of his party leader , calling his former ally a “dictator whom Kenyans do not deserve as their next president”- how quickly thing have changed, where once  the two were very friendly now the two are engaged in a tense verbal shoot out with the Prime minister went on record earlier this week when he said  that Balala had refused to be a team player but instead busied himself with “shooting the ball toward his own goal, in the game of football you shoot towards the opponents goal not your own” and as if to further display his disdain for his onetime buddy  by likening him to a wife who wants the dissolution of a marriage stating that “ If your wife wants a divorce and demands it two times, three times, you give it to her.” To which the Mvita MP answered: “It is interesting that when the two want to deal with selfish interests, they sit down and agree, but when it comes to matters of national interest, they come out fighting in public.”
The lip smacking fight was revamped and given a new more slanted more religious angle by the National Muslims Leaders Forum and the Council of Imams and Preachers of Kenya who seem to be trading verbal blows with The Kenya Muslims National Advisory Council (KMNAC) who claimed that Muslims had met to dissolve their close ties with the Prime Minister and that he (Balala) had been fired because of his religion, to the contrary, Sheik Juma Ngao, the KMNC chairman said: "Their views do not represent those of 10.5 million Muslims in the country. Muslims have never converged and said they hate Mr Odinga or any other leader. It is not true that Muslims have withdrawn support for Mr Odinga,”
A rather glum and down cast looking picture of Balala was slashed onto the front pages of the nation’s paper and however much I tried I could not escape his dejected face and the war of words that was to follow all culminating in his decision to jump the ODM ship!
Although he got the most ‘air and face time’ Balala was not the only MP affected by the game of musical chairs played on Monday when in much the style of a coach the two premiers gave some of their benched ‘players’ their chance to shine in the first team with the likes of  Eugene Wamalwa the Saboti MP who takes over the Justice, National Cohesion and Constitutional Affairs hot seat from the staunch, take no nonsense Mutula Kilonzo who was bumped down to the Education ministry. A decision most likely arrived to due to his outspoken nature and stance against the ICC suspects running, in what seems to be next year’s election- the powers that be are still up in the air about that date- Mutula meanwhile has promised to be harsh or exam cheats in his new capacity as Education minister saying: “People who help candidates cheat in examinations must be severely punished and put to jail even as students are punished by having their results cancelled. I will resolutely pursue reforms in this area” he said. Other first times promoted to the first team were: the Voi MP Danson Nzau ; and the Kigumo MP  Jamleck Kamau.
Let this be a lesson to all people: do not look a gift horse in the mouth, or else you may just find yourself evicted from your tribe and unceremoniously booted from the Island!


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