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The Son Is Ours!

“However deep a sense of loss (Ngunju) feels regarding his missing son, he has no right to visit such callousness and grief on other families as he has done to me and my son,” These were the fighting words of the late professor George Saitoti’s widow Margret last week after a couple in Subukia made claims that would have undoubtedly made her late husband roll over and cringe in shock and possibly anger and disbelief... that his only son Zachary Musengi was in fact their long lost- kidnapped- son Stephen Wachira who was taken from their Nakuru home in 1988.

This all began when Maina recognized the person he claims as his son- Zach- when he saw Professor Saitoti’s funeral on June 15. Maina says he recognized him because: ‘He resembles my children.’ With that the couple: teacher Sebastian Maina Ngunju and his wife Elizabeth Njeri both 55 did what many now do; they took their claim to the courts- with time this is becoming the Kenyan thing to do if one has a discrepancy or dispute-which the…