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It is what you make it

The season to be jolly is here and more to the point, the day on which to be the merriest of all has come and almost gone. I hope this post is published in the nick of time.
For most people - including myself and besides the religious and spiritual meaning to the day - today turned out to be the day that I pigged out until the belt on my jeans was a little too tight and everything that maybe considered 'bad' for me seemed to make a bee line straight into my mouth - no questions asked!
Today we put aside the worries about the latest financial scam... never mind that finance Minister Uhuru Kenyatta swears that the education system will not be affected by the misappropriation of said monies and tried successfully to train our minds on more pleasant things such as family and friends.
This was a time to reconnect with old friends and the family members you know about or meet entirely new branches of the tree you did not, a time to build bonds or reaffirm existing relationships. It…

Taking from the children

Kenya and those in authority sunk to a new all time low last week when it was revealed that education ministry officials and school administrators took for themselves what was meant for the betterment of the countries next generations.
This story truly came to the public's attention on December 11, when Britain's Department for International Development announced suspension of payments to the Ministry of Education, after the discovery that more than $1 million had been stolen from the Kenyan Free Primary Education Program.
The free primary education programme was a key campaign promise in NARC's 2002 election victory. The programme went underway in earnest in January the following year.
The program gave more than 7.5 million previously uneducated children the chance for a brighter future.
Despite facing many challenges at the start including; too many children per classroom and a lack of teachers, the program was a success. It served to lighten the financial burden felt …