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Not So Humble Pie: An Egg In Face Moment.

That Kenyans find it hard to trust the police is no news to anyone young or old, and that they are nursing a rather sketch reputation is a well known fact but in the last 11 days or so this already ailing rep was further injured when Joshua Waiganjo’s jig as an imposter in the Police force was up.

Waiganjo leapt from obscurity to nationwide ‘fame’ when he was arrested in Naivasha on December 31st after he abused his ‘power’ at a night club threatening to arrest the bouncers and patron after they demanded his payment at the gate. To keep the situation from getting out of hand the real cops were called in. The genuine officers’ suspicions were aroused by the hand cuffs Waiganjo had on him.
His arrest brought to light what seemed at first to many like a cruel but worrying joke as it was discovered that he had climbed the rungs of the hierarchy to the assistant commissioner of police and thus exposing a weakness in the internal workings of the forces charged with our protection and making a…